Lincat combi oven OCMPC202 CombiMaster© Plus. Holds 40 1/1 GN containers. Electric

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At a glance features:

• Automatic cleaning to save you time.
• A two-year comprehensive Lincat warranty.
• Load it with 40 1/1 GN or 20 2/1 GN trays.
• Choose between natural gas or LPG power.
• Rational combi oven technology provides four cooking modes: Hot air / Steam / Combi oven / Finishing
• Built-in ClimaPlus© control of the cabinet humidity for perfect results.
• Can be mounted on a table or on a stand with tray runners.
• Don't forget you will need a calcium treatment unit. Get one here.

What's so good about this Lincat combi oven?

The answer is simple. The Lincat combi oven OCMPC202 uses Rational oven technology. Only the logo is Lincat's! Under the hood it's 100% German cooking technology.

It will handle versatile menus and can cook up to 500 meals per day. The programming function allows you to create and store 100 programs with up to six steps. Precise temperature control can be set using the core temperature probe. The CombiMaster© Plus saves time and money on energy and raw materials. The oven is also fitted with an integral hand shower.

Main features of the Lincat Opus CombiMaster oven


  • The 3 cooking modes; convection hot-air from 30 °C to 300 °C, steam between 30 °C and 130 °C and a combination of steam and hot-air from 30 °C to 300 °C.
  • Designed with a finishing process, which will allow pre-prepared meals to be safely cooked to the correct temperature.
  • This oven is capable of cooking between 300 and 500 meals per day, depending upon what you are cooking in it.
  • An LED display allows for the controls to be visible from a distance.

Safety and Hygiene

  • Uses cleaning and rinse tablets, just like a dishwasher, for the built-in cleaning cycles. The cleaning functions offer maximum hygiene and minimum headache.
  • HACCP data recording allows you to monitor and report your cooking process, and transfer to your HACCP system via a USB port.
  • Comes fitted with a fast cool-down system to cool the oven for maintenance.
  • Temperature high-limit controls will stop the oven from overheating.
  • A super-easy to fit door seal, using a press-fit design.
  • Ventilated double glass in the door means the door is kept cooler, and reduces the risk of the user being burned.

Care and Repair

  • The Lincat Combimaster ovens have 3 different automatic cleaning systems.
  • There is also a descale programme which is super-easy, just follow the on-screen tutorial.
  • The CombiMaster system will alert you when it needs servicing, just like your car!
  • A comprehensive set of diagnostic fault codes are available for your service engineer, reducing repair labour costs when the oven is out of the warranty period.

Lincat CombiMaster Plus Standard Features

  • A core temperature probe to remove the guess work in cooking.
  • A grease and fat removal system which doesn't need any extra filters.
  • Round corners in the cooking chamber and a splash guard, to reduce spillages and avoid the build up of food residue.
  • 304 stainless steel for less salt-based corrosion under heat (stainless steel hates salt unless it's 304 or 316 stainless steel).
  • Waste water connections conform to the Swiss Gas and Water Association standards.
  • IPX 5 certified, to protect against water ingress. Makes cleaning the kitchen easier if you don't have to be too careful about where the water goes!

Marine and Galley Catering Options

  • This combi oven may also be suitable for use in marine galley kitchens on ships and oil rigs. For further information please download the brochure using the link above or please call us on 0044 (0)117 405 7580.

Export Options

  • The Lincat combi oven OCMPC202 is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your combi oven is not a problem.