Vulcan Hart V Series Range Matched Broilers

The V Series is the ultimate in durability, innovative features and true versatility. V Series broilers are modular from top to bottom and side to side, giving you maximum freedom for your kitchen and your menu. Choose from standard, convection, open or refrigerated bases to complement a ceramic or infrared broiler top. With an emphasis on aesthetics, restaurants can provide a unique experience for diners through display cooking. Best of all, the unique professional design of the V Series allows for complete customization as your needs change.

These ovens are not available for use in the UK. They are for export in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia markets.

Call us on 0117 405 7580 and we will match to Garland or an equivelant brand with CE certification. (Photos are a guide only, and may not describe the oven fully)

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V Series Broilers