Falcon Gas and Electric Dominator Boiling Pans

Heavy duty, one piece, round-cased boiling pan with a choice of 45, 90 or 135 litre capacity, the Dominator boiling pans are ideal for institutions where large volumes of liquid foods are required. They are available up to 100 gallons.

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Falcon Boiling Pans

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  1. Falcon G2078-45 Dominator Boiling Pan
  2. Falcon G2078-90 Dominator Boiling Pan
  3. Falcon E2078-45 Dominator Boiling Pan
  4. Falcon G2078-135 Dominator Boiling Pan
  5. Falcon E2078-90 Dominator Boiling Pan
  6. Falcon E2078-135 Dominator Boiling Pan
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6 Items