Bratt Pans and Tilting Skillets Up to 400 Litres

We offer a vast selection of gas or electric bratt pans, or tilting skillets as they are known in North America.

Our bratt pans are available in 80, 100, 120, 150, 160, 300 or 400 litres bratt pans sizes. The pick of the bunch would be Icos Professional, with a range of manual or power tilt bratt pans. Icos manufacture larger bratt pans for other well-known brands, and they are finished to a high standard of workmanship, with quality stainless steel and welding.

Choose from Icos Professional, Electrolux, Thermaline, Falcon, Blue Seal, Market Forge, Vulcan, Crown or Groen.

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Braising Pans and Tilting Skillets

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