Advanced control combination ovens, suitable for specialist professional kitchens for example banqueting, concept chef cooking, regeneration and process cooking. These ovens offer high levels of automation and controls, and allow for menu transfer and minimal training and supervision of staff.

There are two types of oven to choose from, steam injection or boiler combination ovens. The steam injection models are not designed for all day use or regeneration cooking, instead choose a boiler combination oven.

Steam Injection Combi Ovens

• Electrolux Air-o-Convect Touchline steam injection combination ovens (not for UK)
• Convotherm easyTouch ES or GS model combination ovens
• Houno CPE Series combination ovens

Boiler Combi Ovens

• Electrolux Air-o-Steam Touchline ovens
• Convotherm easyTouch EB or GB or OES models combination ovens
• Houno KPE or CombiSlim series combination ovens
• Lincat Rational Self Cooking Centre series
• Rational Self Cooking Centre series
• Eloma Genius combination ovens

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Advanced Combi Ovens

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