Catering Equipment Export Services

Catering equipment export and fast handling of international orders


For over 40 years we have exported catering equipment and laundry products to Africa, Asia, The Middle East and Australasia, establishing clients on many different industries.

  • •Quality brands trusted by catering professionals worldwide
  • •Pricing to suit each market
  • •Knowledgeable and experienced export teams
  • •Global logistics by sea, air or factory collection
  • •Multi currency options for Euros, US Dollars and GB Sterling
  • •European offices for optimum pricing and market knowledge

Complete Catering Equipment Packages

From concept to completion, CAD drawings to services layout, Swanwick Foodservice Equipment Ltd will help you with everything from consultancy to aftersales service, on every continent of the globe. Our knowledge and expertise can help you with specialist foodservice equipment, standards compliance, HVAC requirements, indigenous law and building and construction regulations.

Warehouse and Storage Logistics

We can arrange worldwide storage in warehousing in most major ports around the globe. We offer warehousing in the UK, Europe, Middle East and African continent. Storage can be arranged at any stage of a project, and we offer fully insured storage through our partners. Your goods will be ready at whatever stage of a project they are needed.

Export Licenses and Documentation

Swanwick Foodservice Equipment Ltd can provide all necessary information for importation into your country, including packing lists and product declarations. We can work with foreign Governments to arrange inspections and customs clearance with the minimum of delay or unplanned cost.

Final Delivery

Swanwick Foodservice Equipment Ltd can arrange unloading at port side, and all necessary steps to take goods from port to final destination.

Consolidated Shipping

Many large scale projects require products from different destinations to be consolidated at a single location. We can assist with scheduling and arrange for goods to arrive in the order they are required. We can organise consolidation of non-foodservice or laundry equipment and containerisation, to keep project costs to a minimum.


Our shipping partners can coordinate freight forwarding to any part of the world and ensure that your shipment arrives on time. We can organise sea freight or air freight and also provide country-specific vessels to meet with main contractor or Government requirements.

Customs Clearance

We work with local agents and importers to ensure smooth local customs clearance. Wherever your goods are destined we have the knowledge and reach to provide enough local expertise to assist with your shipment and customs clearance needs.