Our Global Portfolio

Private & Public Sector

Since its formation Swanwick Foodservice Equipment Ltd has worked with a range of civil and military clients throughout the world.

During the 1980s and 1990s the company became established throughout the UK working with institutions and business in manufacturing, education and military. The company provided foodservice solutions to higher education institutions, HM Armed Forces, the private school system, manufacturers such as Jaguar Cars, Kraft General Foods and UK Air Traffic Control.

Export & Procurement

As the company became more established in the domestic UK market, so the overseas market started to grow. The company began to liaise with overseas procurement agencies, providing equipment to science, research, oil exploration and the hospitality industry all over Africa and The Middle East. We focus on Bahrain, Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Nigeria, Tanzania, Kenya and Ghana. However we arrange worldwide shipping and have participated in projects in Australia and The Pacific Islands.

Military & Developing World

In the early 1990s, during Desert Storm and Desert Shield, and more recently with the conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan, the company has been as main supplier of foodservice equipment for the US Government organisations in the UK and overseas. With the scope and reach of our product base, it has been strategically possible to locate, ship and install any brand of foodservice equipment anywhere in the world.

More recently, the company has begun to work outside of the foodservice umbrella, acting as a procurement agency itself for many clients throughout Libya, Nigeria and many African nations. The company now acts as a supplier of medical, engineering, technology and industrial goods from all over the world.