Eloma Joker and Multimax Combination Ovens

The Eloma range of ovens offers versatility for cooking and baking.

The Joker and MultiMax Ovens

• Cooking and baking with the MT technology
• Ease of use via MultiTouch display
• Customisable and adaptable operation
• Simple cleaning with fully automatic cleaning system autoclean ® MT
• Safety in operation thanks to self-explanatory pictograms
• Connectivity via LAN or WLAN and data management software

The Genius Ovens

(Click here to see the Genius range)
• Intuitive, time saving control
• True assistance by memorisable programmes
• Eight cooking modes from 30°C to 300°C - all cooking applications are covered
• Eloma live steam system, generates steam directly in the cooking chamber

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Eloma Multimax Combination Ovens

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