Houno CombiSlim Standard Combi Ovens

The CombiSlim Series offers powerful combi oven cooking but only measures 513mm in width. These ovens are perfect for small-scale kitchens, front-of-house cooking or marine galley kitchens. CombiSlim ovens are available in 3 sizes that use 1/1 GN or 2/3 GN trays.

The standard ovens use a dial to control the cooking, and offer these cooking modes:

• Hot air (Convection)
• Steaming
• Low-temperature steaming
• Forced steaming
• CombiSmart® humidity control, 10 steps
• Cook & Regen
• Proving, with automatic humidification
• Preheating
• Automatic cooling function
• Manual humidity pulsing
• Reversing, adjustable fan with 9 speeds

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Hounö CombiSlim