Electrolux Professional Libero Combi Ovens

The ultimate in cooking served everywhere. A versatile solution to satisfy multiple cooking requirements.

• Easy to use steam convection oven ideal for professional cooking in small spaces.
• Just plug it in, fill the storage tank with water and off it goes wherever you want.
• No need for a special water connection.
• Prepare meats, vegetables and even desserts thanks to the many functions of this versatile oven (convection heat, steam cooking, low temperature steam and combined steam/convection heating).
• Supplied with a set of 1/2 GN steaming & roasting pans, wire grids and non-stick aluminium baking trays.
• Safety guaranteed thanks to the self-balanced oven door.
• Internal parts can be easily disassembled to facilitate cleaning.
• Four control knobs to select cooking mode, time, temperature and ventilation.
• The pre-heating indicator light turns off as soon as the set temperature is reached.

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Combi Ovens

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