Houno C and K Series Combination Ovens with a Unique 4 Year Warranty

The Houno combi ovens are available as gas or electric power and there are also pass-through combi oven models as part of the range.

Manual or Automatic Programming Combi Ovens

If you use your combi oven all day, we recommend the models with a dedicated boiler. The Houno K & KPE combi ovens offer steam boiler generators and steam injection features, so if the oven is the work-horse of your kitchen then choose the K or KPE models.

If your oven needs less steam vapour demand then the C or CPE models will be suitable for most roasting and baking needs, even regenerating. The steam is generated by spraying water over hot elements and can produce various levels of humidity.

Houno C or K ovens

Houno CPE or KPE ovens

Designed to be very simple to use the manual controls combi ovens can be easily operated by anyone in the kitchen. Simply use the dials to programme to oven.

The touch controls allow for individual cooking fine-tuning and allow complete recipes to be stored and transferred to other ovens with the SmartTouch® combi ovens.

Probably the Best Combi Oven in the World

We've been here since 1958, and we've seen combi ovens come and go, but these guys have been around a while. Established in Denmark in 1977 by Hans Jor-gen Houmoller, the Houno combi oven has gained strength in the global market. They now are driven by catering managers, chefs, retail establishments and everyone involved with catering. They have quickly become a brand that everyone knows and respects, including the UK Supermarkets like Asda and Morrisons. They continue to improve the combi ovens from their base in Randers, Denmark.

Houno was recently brought into the Middleby Corporation which means it is now part of one of the largest foodservice companies in the world. The unique four year warranty offered by Houno is testament to the quality of the ovens.

Like all Scandinavian foodservice equipment, Hounö offers high quality and functionality in perfect harmony. Not only do the ovens work hard, they look great in front of house and deli counters. Hounö also have developed a strong marine division, supplying combi ovens to offshore industry with galley kitchen equipment.

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Hounö Combi Ovens

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