IRX™ Infrared Charbroilers from Vulcan Hart

IRX™ technology delivers increased production capacity and decreased gas usage with consistent results in any commercial application. Experience true infrared cooking and taste the difference with the VTEC Series gas charbroilers, ideal for cooking lean chicken, fish, vegetables and thinly sliced steak.

• Patented grate design virtually eliminates flare-ups.
• Energy-efficient 22,000 BTU/hr independent burner sections every 12 inches.
• 11 x 25 inches stainless steel cooking grids providing nearly 4 square feet of cooking area in each burner zone.
• Rotary piezo igniter provides direct spark ignition to burners - no standing pilots, no electric needed.
• Emitter panels as part of charbroiler construction are consumable.

These broilers are not available for use in the UK. They are for export anywhere outside of the European markets.

Call us on 0117 405 7580 and we will match to Montague or an equivelant brand with CE certification. (Photos are a guide only, and may not describe the oven fully)

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IRX Infrared Broilers