Firex Easybaskett PMK Gas and Electric Boiling Pans (Medium Line)

Firex Easybaskett PMK boiling pans represent the finest manufacturing standards while giving great value.

The tilting boiling pans are available with gas, electric or steam plant heating. For delicate ingredients like custard we recommend using an indirect heat boiling pan, which will avoid burning. For high water content recipes like soup, bone broth, tea or juice pasteurisation, the direct heat models are suitable.

For continuous use, we recommend the addition of the auto jacket filling system on indirect heat models. This will avoid staff having to intervene to check the jacket level throughout the cooking process, allowing for 24 hour use if required. The Easybaskett PMK range can also be fitted with a butterfly valve for fast extraction of the product, for example into a bottling machine.

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Firex Easybaskett Tilting Boiling Pans

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