Electric Vertical Grills from Gresilva

The GRESILVA Vertical Grill is the right choice for cooking real barbecued chicken. Its innovative structure lets you grill chicken and other food in a healthy way, resulting in succulent, extremely tasty food. Ideal for both large and small supermarkets, take-away shop or barbecues / steakhouses.

The Vertical Grills line is perfect for real barbecued chicken, free from fat and carbon residues, healthy, and with all the flavour that customers expect, while being fast and efficient in operation.

You can choose from several models depending on your production needs, from a range of four vertical grills with 2, 3, 4, or 5 grids for up to 15 chickens. Although it was originally designed with roast chicken in mind, the GRESILVA Vertical Electric Grill is also suitable for cooking other meats, such as kebabs or spare ribs.

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