Commercial Chargrills and Lava Rock Grills. Gas or Electric Heated.

Chargrills are pefect for cooking meat, particualrly steak and fish. The presence of a flame finsihes the meat in a way which cannot be achieved with an electric chargrill, or what is referred to as a broiler grill in the USA.

Our chargrills can be mounted on workbenches or on open base cupboards,bridging supports or cantilever systems.

We can supply our chargrills for use with electric, natural gas (town gas) or with LPG (Calor, or Liquid Propane Gas).

The lave-rock models add more flavour with extra heat and flame creation.

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  1. Blue Seal G594-LS Gas Chargrill With Leg Stand
  2. Blue Seal G596-LS Gas Chargrill With Leg Stand
  3. Blue Seal G598-LS Gas Chargrill With Leg Stand
  4. Falcon G31225 Dominator Plus Chargrill
  5. Falcon G31525 Dominator Plus Chargrill
  6. Falcon G3425 Dominator Plus Chargrill
  7. Falcon G3625 Dominator Plus Chargrill
  8. Falcon G3925 Dominator Plus Chargrill
  9. Lincat OG8403/N Gas Chargrill
  10. Lincat OG8403/P LPG Gas Chargrill
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29 Items