Electrolux Misa Walk-In Cold Rooms with Integral Refrigeration Systems

These pre-packaged mini coldrooms are ideal for small shops, hotels or restaurants. They range from 3 to 16 cubic metres, together with plastic panels, edges, roof, walk-in floor, hinged door, lighting kit and refrigeration unit (either a Misa Freeblock or Misasplit).

Misa KLM Brochure: Misa Freeblock Brochure:

Main features:

Very short assembly time. Expert refrigeration knowledge is not required for installation.
• Adaptable to small areas through to the new 20cm modularity, starting from 1230mm to 2830mm.
• 120µm plastified and galvanized steel sheet panels with special antibacterial treatment Epta food Defense.
• Panel thickness: 60mm, 100mm as standard.
Plastic door curtains, polyethylene louvred shelves, data-loggers and HACCP kits available.
• Easy to install panel assembly with twin-hook Fasteners and FAST-FIT centering systems.
• Horizontal and vertical edges made by plastified and galvanized steel, injected with polyurethane foam.

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