Firex Easypan PM 1 IG 500 boiling pan indirect gas heat 480 litre (PM1)

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PM 1 IG 500

Firex Easypan (PMR PM1 PM7 PM8 PM9 Series) commercial boiling pans include:

• Gas, electric or steam plant heating.
• Direct or indirect jacket heating.
• AISI 316 stainless steel cooking vessel. Walls in AISI 304.
• Lid constructed of AISI 304 stainless steel.
• Advanced heat insulation with glass fibre wrapping.
• Fitted with a swivel faucet and finished in satin stainless steel.
• A 2 inch draw-off tap or butterfly valve for connection to pumped extract units, for e.g bottling machines.
• Adjustable feet for levelling.
• Optional automatic jacket filling and venting for continuous use.
• High-efficiency tube burners for gas models, armoured elements in INCOLOY-800 alloy for electric models.
• Autoclave version option at 0.05 bar pressure. Hermetically sealed by means of clamps.
• Parts and labour warranty.
Please note:
  • Standard voltage and gas type. Please enquire for your destination point requirements.

The Firex PM 1 IG 500 is a unique gas boiling pan and is a very popular product. This brand of boiling pan is great value, and comes highly recommended!

It's modular line of pots, cylindrical and rectangular, characterized by high quality materials and testing to ensure safety and reliability over time. The range is available in Easypan direct or indirect heat, fueled by gas, electricity or steam. Capacities from 50 to 550 litres.

The Firex PM 1 IG 500 is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your boiling pan is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley kitchens.

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