Electrolux 727393 ecostore 1 Door Digital Refrigerator 670 litre (0/+6) - R290 - UK Plug. Model number: REX71FRCG

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• Automatic defrost.
• Large storage area suitable to contain 2/1 GN grids or shelves on anti-tilt runners.
• Performance guaranteed at ambient temperatures of +43°C.
• Right hinged full door.
• Cabinet fitted with up to 75 mm thickness of cyclopentane insulation for best insulating performance with 100% environmental protection (thermal conductivity: 0020 W/m*K).
• Hidden evaporator thus guaranteeing higher storage capacity and less corrosion problems.
• Automatic evaporation of the defrosting water by hot gas on the top for energy saving.
• Interior base with corners pressed from a single sheet.
• Lockable door.
• Mounted on wheels.
• Cleaning-free condenser: the structure of the wire frame condenser prevents dust and grease accumulation thus avoiding periodical cleaning operations and reducing energy consumption.
• Internal structure with numerous charging positions available to host grids ensuring higher net capacity and a greater storage space.
• 60 mm-thick insulation covering the evaporator can be easily removed with a single operation.
• Removable triple-chamber balloon magnetic gasket to improve insulation and reduce energy consumption.
• Rilsan coated grids for improved protection.
• Operating temperatures can be adjusted from 0 to +6 °C to suit both meat and dairy storage requirements.
• Optimized back to front forced air flow provide even temperature distribution and fast cooling in any conditions.
• Digital control with cabinet temperature display and setting and manual activation of defrost cycle. Fully compliant HACCP digital controls include visible alarms.
• The rounded internal corners the easily removable runners and grids allow for ease of cleaning and high hygiene standards.
• CFC and HCFC-free insulation.
• Easy access to the main components for maintenance.
• Stainless steel runners and supports easily disassembled.
• R290 refrigerant to reduce green house and ozone depletion effects.
• Door switch stops the fan when door is opened to avoid cold air exiting the cell thus saving energy.
• Anti-corrosion bottom avoids any damage that may be caused to the cabinet by aggressive detergents employed to clean the floors.
• Doors are self-closing and can be fully opened up to 180°.
• Delivered with UK plug.

The Electrolux 727393 ecostore 1 Door Digital Refrigerator 670lt (0/+6) - R290 - UK Plug is everything you would expect from Electrolux, a class-leader in quality and reliability. You can rely on Electrolux to give you years of trouble free service with your appliance.

The Electrolux 727393 ecostore 1 Door Digital Refrigerator 670lt (0/+6) - R290 - UK Plug is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your Electrolux equipment is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley kitchens.

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