Open top and solid top boiling tables from Electrolux, Blue Seal, Lincat, Falcon and Vulcan Hart. We also offer marine galley catering appliances for the UK and worldwide export.

Lincat gas boiling top models: OG7003, OG7004 and OG7009.

Lincat electric boiling top models: OE7011 and OE7012.

Electrolux gas boiling top models: 391001, 391003, 391012 and 391018.

Electrolux electric boiling top models: 391039 and 391040.

Blue Seal gas boiling top models: G57-LS, G518D-LS, G516D-LS and G514-LS.

Blue Seal electric boiling top models: E514D-LS and E516D-LS.

Boiling Tables

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  1. Blue Seal G514D-LS 4 burner boiling top
  2. Electrolux 391018 900XP Gas Solid Top
  3. Blue Seal E514D-LS 4 element boiling top
  4. Blue Seal G516D-LS 6 burner boiling top
  5. Blue Seal G57-LS solid top boiling top
  6. Blue Seal G518D-LS 8 burner boiling top
  7. Blue Seal E516D-LS 6 element boiling top
  8. Falcon G1026BX Chieftain Boiling Top
  9. Falcon G1026X Chieftain Boiling Top
  10. Falcon G1060X Chieftain Boiling Top
  11. Falcon E1026X Chieftain Boiling Top
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29 Items