Starmix PL300P planetary mixer 300 litre

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The STARMIX industrial planetary mixers are ideal for high production volumes.

• The machine is equipped with an electronic speed variator (inverter)
•PLC to program up to 50 recipes, each with 20 steps
•Can work in manual or automatic mode
•Special "OIL FREE" planetary transmission system designed to eliminate the risk of contaminating the product with oil that could leak from the gearbox
•Doors at the front, 20cm from the floor and fitted with coded sensors and bowl presence coded sensors ensure the highest level of operator safety
•Easily removable polyethylene or teflon scraper blades to make them easier to clean and replace, if necessary.
•Standard accessories:
•1 bowl with wheels, 2 mixing tools of your choice and 1 scraper
Optional accessories:
•Tools other than the 2 standard ones chosen;
•Bowls with valves of different sizes for draining washing water and/or transferring the finished product
•Product collection disk to prevent dripping onto the floor after the bowl has been removed
•Wash heads to clean the mixing chamber, the mixing tools and the scraper
•Jacketed bowl for hot and/or cold water circulation
•Hot and/or cold water circulation system
•Product temperature sensor
•Product transfer systems (pneumatic transfer buffers, bowl elevator/tippers, various types of pump)
•Automatic or semi-automatic dosing and feeding systems for ingredients in liquid and powder form
•Vacuum mixing system
•System for mixing in environments containing CO2
•Various makes of PLCs and touch screens
•Remote assistance kit
•Control panel on cabinet separate from the machine
•A second motor can be installed to make the rotation of the tools independent to that of the bowl (to mix special products)

The STARMIX industrial planetary mixers are ideal for high production volumes. The industrial mixers with their double mixing tool together with the scraper and a correctly sized transmission system enable mixing times to be drastically reduced and a perfectly smooth mix to be obtained. When in its work position, the bowl is hermetically sealed by special gaskets that prevent the product leaking whilst it is being processed.

The possibility of mixing ingredients for products such as sponge cakes, muffins, madeleines, meringues, whipped cream and cream in general, under pressure favours aeration, increases volume and therefore, softness.

The two front doors, once closed, allow the machine to start the work cycle at low speed, while the bowl is being raised. In this way, the ingredients become pre-mixed and the tools are not damaged when they come into contact with the product contained in the bowl. The 7” colour touch screen makes work cycle programming user-friendly, versatile and practical. A valve can be installed at the bottom of the bowl to facilitate the drainage of water used for washing it. Alternatively, a larger valve can be installed to transfer liquid and semi-liquid products to a production line.

The 200 litre industrial planetary mixer has a bridge structure made entirely from AISI304 stainless steel with a micro-peened surface finish. The external surfaces are perfectly smooth and the corners rounded to facilitate cleaning. We can suggest different combinations of tools among those in our range to obtain the best results for every type of product. We can also offer a wide range of optional tools.