Nilma Pastaline C80 600-800 portion automatic pasta cooker and chiller

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Pastaline C80

Once cooked and drained, pasta tends to overcook in just a few minutes. If stored in multi-portion gastronorm containers for distribution, it maintains its heat for a long period of time. But it tends to lose its freshly cooked quality, and becomes less appetising.

The only solution to this problem, in compliance with the HACCP regulations, is to halt all cooking before distribution using the Cook&Chill method; in other words, cooking pasta and then chilling it rapidly, before reactivating it as needed at the place of serving.

This Nilma Pastaline automatic pasta cooker offers the finest quality materials, design and workmanship. You can rely on Nilma to give you years of trouble free service.

Pastaline, the cooking and chilling line, does all this in a fully automatic way. The operator only has to put pasta and salt into the water. The rest of the cooking process is handled by the pasta cooker, one of the appliances in the line, which controls the cooking temperature and water level, stirs pasta to prevent it from sticking and then, at the end of the cycle, automatically transfers it to the chiller, another appliance in the line. The chiller, supplied with water coming from the mains or, if not cold enough, from a remote refrigeration unit, controls the time and temperature, stirs pasta and chills it in just two minutes. At the end of the cycle, the basket automatically rises to the drain position. The operator will then complete the process by tipping pasta into the trolley.

Pastaline is produced in various models with load capacities from 7 to 60 kg of raw pasta per cycle, heated by gas, electricity or steam. Pastaline is ideal for use in centralised kitchens, delicatessens and industrial ready-meal production plants.

Pastaline is a truly universal line, since it is able to cook all types of pasta, both long, such as tagliatelle and spaghetti, and short, like macaroni, as well as gnocchi, rice and filled pasta varieties such as tortellini and ravioli. It is also perfect for other foods which require the same process, such as vegetables, quinoa, spelt, couscous and shellfish.

Pastaline is the line that combines the benefits of cooking the real Italian way with the modern Cook&Chill technology, in accordance with the HACCP regulations.

The Nilma commercial pasta cooker is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your Nilma equipment is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley kitchens.

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