Gresilva GHPI R6/850 Line 9 Ceramic Grill with Rotating Grids

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GHPI R6/850

The rotating grill, although it has no horizontal grill, can be used in various ways: grills for spatchcock chicken, rotisserie-style spits, spits for sucking pig and cylindrical grills - all of them arranged together according to the size of each.

This model is notable for its compactness - it allows three spatchcock chickens to be grilled at the same time in a small space.

The Gresilva GHPI R6/850 Ceramic Grill main features are:

• Line 9 is a larger sized grill line with higher output.
• Water inlet valve.
• Selection of scrapers and grids.
• Electric lighters.
• Available without feet and can be built in.
• Waste and fat falls away easily.
• Excellent heat radiation.
• Adjustable temperature.
• 853 mm (w) x 890 mm (p) x 850 mm (h). Optional support and extra grids.
• European CE certification.

The Gresilva GHPI R6/850 ceramic grill is a unique grill for cooking chicken and other products . Gresilva is still a family run business and you can see their products in most supermarkets in Portugal, creating a unique taste for many different delicatessen products.

The Line 5, comes in a new size, and is designed for clients for whom space is at a premium. The main difference from the other GRESILVA® Grills is in the grid, which is placed higher to facilitate use of the traditional sardine grid.

The distinguishing feature of the GRESILVA® HORIZONTAL GAS GRILL is its unique grilling system. On the upper part, there is a horizontal grid where the food is placed. The heat sources are positioned at a lower level and outside the cooking area.

Heat is supplied by burners made up of ceramic radiation plates, which are arranged diagonally, in such a way as to provide enough heat for cooking, at the same time allowing fat and waste to fall without coming into contact with the heat source.

When the burners are working at maximum, the radiation plates reach a temperature of 850° within seconds, thus achieving the much sought-after intense heat without flames or charcoal.

The Gresilva GHPI R6/850 ceramic grill is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different gas types to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world and can arrange shipping and packing.

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