Gresilva GHPI R4/1700 Mega Ceramic Rotary Grill

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1700mm wide, the MEGA ROTARY GRILL can support three robust rotating spits. In the middle allows roasting of a whole pig or calf.

At the same time the three spits can be used for giant kebabs or sucking pig. Large items, such as the pig, can be cooked and ready to slice in half an hour. The most important feature of this equipment is that it doesn’t give off smoke so can be used in enclosed spaces. In view of its size and weight, the MEGA ROTARY GRILL is fitted with four heavy-duty wheels and a brake, so that it can be easily moved around if necessary.

The Gresilva GHPI R4/1700 main features are:

• One robust rotating spit, with which it is possible to work on two different levels, allowing a pig or a whole calf to be grilled.
• One big spit for a rotating grill.
• One rotating support.
• One rotating spit module with 17 mini-spits, which can be used altogether or half at a time, at the same time as the fixed grid or the other elements.
• Excellent heat radiation.
• Adjustable temperature.
• 1703 mm (w) x 833 mm (p) x 966 mm (h). Optional support and extra grids.
• European CE certification.

The Gresilva GHPI R4/1700 ceramic grill is a unique grill for cooking chicken and other products . Gresilva is still a family run business and you can see their products in most supermarkets in Portugal, creating a unique taste for many different delicatessen products.

The MULTIFUNCTION MEGA GRILL is the ideal solution for those who need a high production capacity, a diversity of supply, and high cooking quality, at the same time as reduced smoke and low energy consumption.

If you are looking for a restaurant grill with high productive capacity and excellent cooking quality, the GRESILVA Multifunctional Mega Grill is the right choice. Quality grilled food with low smoke emission and low energy consumption.

The GRESILVA Multifunctional Mega Grill is much sought after for large indoor events, to roast pork on the skewer or with the rotating grid. It doesn’t use charcoal and gives off very little carbon monoxide, so it can be used in enclosed spaces without the need for exhaust systems or ventilation.

The Gresilva GHPI R4/1700 ceramic grill is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different gas types to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world and can arrange shipping and packing.

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