Frymaster 41814EF four tank electric high-production fryer with filtration

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Specifically designed to handle high production demands of a varied menu while conserving space, energy and oil

The 41814E large capacity electric fryers have 60-lb. (30 litre) frypot oil capacity with an 18” x 14” x 4-1/4” (45.7 x 35.6 x 10.8 cm) cooking area. The ability to cook three baskets of food in an 18” x 14” x 4-1/4” cooking area allows for footprint, oil use and energy use reductions over standard 50-lb fryers. Two 11814E fryers can do the work of three standard fryers and two 11814E fryers combined with an RE17 fryer allows three fryers to do the work of four standard fryers. The savings add up quickly using 15-20% less oil, upwards of 33% less energy, and 10-15% less space.

Frymaster’s proprietary self-standing, swing-up, flat-bar, low-watt density, long-life heating elements and controls ensure industry-leading energy efficiency.

The robust RTD, 1° Compensating temperature probe, mounted on the elements, ensures precise temperature readings. The thermostat system minimizes temperature overshoot maximizing oil life. It also compensates for variations in cooking loads, consistently producing high-quality food.

The SMART4U Lane controller has programmable cook buttons and features that make it easy to produce consistent, great-tasting food. The Analog, Digital, CM3.5, and SMART4U® 3000 controller options are also available.

The bottom of the frypots are sloped toward the front and are equipped with a large drain line so crew members can quickly flush out sediment and remove old oil.

The built-in filtration models make it easy to preserve oil life and maintain food quality. The built-in filter utilizes an 8 GPM (30 LPM pump and is equipped with a 3% (7.61 cm) drain line, making filtering fast, safe and easy. The %built-in% feature puts filtration within the fryer battery where it's most convenient to use.

Not available for CE.
1814 Electric High-Production Fryers - 41814EF
W x D x H 80" x 307/8" x 453/8"
203.2cm x 78.4cm x 115.3cm
Weight 1155.2 lb
524 kg
Power Output 17.00 Kilowatts
Power Input Type Electric
Certifications CULENERGY STARISO 9001:2008NSFULWelbilt Enerlogic