Electrolux WB4180H barrier washing machine Pocket

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Tailored to your needs

Extra Spin models are robust and reliable in any type of installation which needs a basic product.

Ultimate durability

The special design and technical features will guarantee trouble-free operation and excellent finishing results. Our machines are provided with an anti-stretching device to protect waistband and legs from deformation when finishing elastic fabrics.


With our high efficiency shirt finishers you will get high quality finished shirts. Our presses with nickel-plated head reduce heat loss and save energy.
Please note:
  • Contact us for shipping prices to your country.
  • Standard voltage and/or gas type. Please enquire for your destination point requirements.

This Electrolux tumble dryer offers the finest quality materials, design and workmanship. You can rely on Electrolux to give you years of trouble free service with your tumble dryer.


• Loading door either on the right or left hand side of the barrier washer
• Large loading and unloading door for fast and easy operations
• Clarus Control® with. Fully programmable microprocessor
• All relevant wash parameters can be programmed
• Programming from key pad or downloading via memory card
• Perforated inner drum lifters for improved washing efficiency
• Prepared in standard for automatic detergent supply
• Suspended machines to be installed without any foundations
• High extraction force for efficient dewatering

The Electrolux WB4180H Pocket barrier washing machine is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial laundry. We export commercial laundry equipment to all countries in the world so customising your Electrolux equipment is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley and marine environments.

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