Churrasco grill. Charcoal fired with 35 spits. Elangrill CM35C

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This charcoal churrasco grill has these great features:

One year parts warranty.
• Fitted with castors and brakes.
• Front cover opening for loading the charcoal.
• Optional: roof and side supports
• Open Top for smoke evacuation.
• Steel removable drawers for discharging ash
• High impact front-of-house cooking with illuminated grill lights.
• Even and continuous heating from below.
• Fat-free grilling.
• The meat can be served straight from the grill on the characteristic spits/swords.
• Table holders are available for the swords to complete the process.

The Elangrill churrasco grills are the perfect accompaniment to your Mediterranean grill house or Southern-American churrascaria. These grills are charcoal-fired and are available from 11 to 35 spits. These grills are excellent for front-of-house cooking of beef or any other type of grilled meat.

At a glance, the main features are

One year parts warranty.
• Built and reinforced with stainless-steel throughout.
• Easy-access charcoal container under the spits.
• Illuminated with an internal light to catch your customers eye.
• Independent motor reducers for each sword, for superior control.
• A removable fat tray in the bottom means it’s easy to clean.
• Available with a range of trolleys, heated cupboards and table spit/sword holders.

The Elangrill churrasco grill is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your churrasco grill is not a problem.

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