Beech electric stone hearth pizza oven REC0850

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Features & Options:


  • Ideal for locations where gas or wood/charcoal is prohibited.
  • "In-floor" electric element.
  • Smooth action, counterweighted glass sliding door - easy to clean & maintain.
  • Simple touch button control system.
  • Built in mechanism to protect the element from overheating & prolongs the life cycle.
  • We can install windows or spotlights on request.
  • There is an option for a stainless steel façade around the oven.
  • Ovens can be typically Installed and operational in one-two days.
  • All ovens can be made to fit through a standard doorway or elevator for easy installation.
  • Oven body has a limited four (4) year warranty, electric element one (1) year.
  • Unique oven design enables relocation.
  • The only pizza oven encased in 6mm steel.
  • Greatest thermal mass of any pizza oven in the world.
 Pizza Cooking Capacity Per Hour (approx.)
 300mm/12" 400mm/16"
REC0700 40 20 15 6
REC0850 70 35 25 10
REC1250 90 30 30 25

Beech Ovens' newly released electric stone hearth oven uses unique design techniques to create a more visually appealing version of the popular commercial kitchen appliance. Compared to standard back-of-house units, this version has a facade ready finish which is perfect for front-of-house theatre kitchens.

It is ideal for chefs and hoteliers who want the Beech stone hearth oven quality, but are in locations where gas or wood fired ovens are either prohibited or difficult to obtain.

Key features:

The electric stone hearth oven has a smooth-action, counterweighted glass sliding door making it easy to clean and maintain. The in-floor electric element is controlled by a simple user-friendly touch button control system making the oven easy to operate.

All electric ovens are supplied as a 2 part assembly for easy installation. These ready-to-façade pizza ovens come standard with legs and the required external insulation materials.

The Beech rectangular pizza oven REC0700 is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different power sources to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your Beech rectangular pizza oven REC0700 is not a problem.

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