Electrolux 275010 PVA301 High Productivity Cooking Steam Boiling Pan 300 litre Autoclave. Model number: PVA301

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• Counter-balanced lid with insulated stainless steel handle specially shaped to prevent condensation dripping outside the well. The tension on the counter-balancing chromed bronze hinge of the lid can be adjusted to ensure an optimum balance.
• Steam heating at a nominal pressure of 0.45 bar.
• Manometer to control the pressure inside the jacket.
• Safety valve set at 0.5 bar for the discharging of steam when the pressure in the jacket exceeds this limit.
• Depressurising valve to allow the escape of air from the jacket.
• Easy installation and maintenance thanks to compartment with connectors and controls placed on side.
• Complies with main international certification bodies and is CE marked.
• Stainless steel filter in the discharge hole of the well.
• Chromed bronze with movable spout mixer tap for hot and cold water.
• 2" diameter discharge tap for rapid emptying of the well.
• 316 AISI stainless steel bottom (ranging from 20/10 to 35/10 in thickness depending on the pan capacity) and is anti-corrosion treated. Grain finish less than 0.6 micron.
• 304 AISI stainless steel well jacket lid and external panelling (ranging from 20/10 to 25/10 in thickness depending on the pan capacity); the external panelling is dismountable to allow inspection of internal workings.
• Load bearing structure consists of a robust support in 304 AISI stainless steel mounted on stainless steel adjustable feet. Visible areas have a satin finish guaranteeing ease of cleaning.

This high capacity steam boiling pan is everything you would expect from a world-beating brand. You can rely on Electrolux to give you years of trouble free service with your appliance.

Key Information:
• External dimensions Height: 900 mm
• External dimensions Width: 1200 mm
• External dimensions Depth: 1330 mm
• Net weight: 235 kg
• Well dimensions - diameter 600 mm
• Well dimensions - height 420 mm
• Operating steam pressure 0.3 0.45 bar
• Steam consumption to reach boiling point 50 kg/hr (at 0.45 bar)
• Steam consumption to maintain boiling 7 kg/hr (at 0.45 bar)

The Electrolux 275010 High Productivity Cooking Steam Boiling Pan 300 litre Autoclave is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your Electrolux equipment is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley kitchens.

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