Commercial Heavy Duty Griddles with Gas and Electric Heating

Our commercial, heavy-duty griddles are available in a variety of widths. The Electrolux Professional 900XP Series Griddles have 400mm, 800mm or 1200mm widths and are available as steel or chrome griddle fry tops.

Our griddles come with a choice of smooth, ribbed or split fry tops, for cooking a wide range of different foods.

For high performance we also offer the Vulcan Hart griddles, in a variety of widths. Choose from 24 inch right up to 72 inch griddle widths.

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  1. Lincat OG8201/N gas griddle
  2. Lincat OG8201/P gas griddle
  3. Lincat OG8202/N gas griddle
  4. Lincat OG8202/P gas griddle
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4 Items