Broaster gas pressure fryer. Model 2400G. 48-60 pieces of chicken per 10 minutes

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The Broaster main features:

  • Can fry 21lbs/9.5kg or 24-36 pieces of chicken per 10 minutes.
  • Holds 63lbs of cooking oil.
  • Full colour touch screen.
  • A library of preset cook times and photos for easy use.
  • Four stage cooking temperature control to save energy.
  • Transfer cooking times and recipes between machines with a USB port.
  • A touch screen controller which resets itself after each fry.
  • Auto idle to help save energy.
  • Security code protection to avoid unwanted changes and untrained cooking.
  • Comes with an integral filter and pump for low risk oil transfer.
  • CE certified for use in the UK and Europe.

The Broaster gas pressure fryer offers tender, juicy and tasty food, for better products and lower operating costs!

The Broaster fryers represent fast, high output frying with reduced oil absorption, and less oil use. With faster cooking times and reduced running costs the return-on-investment of Broaster pressure fryers is excellent.

The Broaster brand offers quality, reliability and trouble-free operation, allowing you to focus on your business and it's profitability.

The Broaster gas pressure fryer is certified for use in most countries and can be ordered at different voltages to suit your commercial kitchen. We export catering equipment to all countries in the world so customising your pressure fryer is not a problem. This item may also be suitable for use in galley kitchens.

For further information please download the brochure using the link above or please call us on 0044 (0)117 405 7580.

Watch the Broaster presssure fryers in action: